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bits of autumn

We love love autumn! All the crunchy leaves, quiet grey days, and that nice cool weather. There is a new member of the Hanson clan, a sweet puss, meet Zion. Also our dog and toddler are becoming just the best of buds and it’s the sweetest!45518663_10156796427781703_3408269712897867776_o45558811_10156796427711703_8773775311281061888_o45055455_10156782347266703_2652006167701618688_o45486005_10156795951706703_558206630194315264_o45491562_10156796629901703_6369563107013951488_o45085069_10156784350726703_666556607689129984_o44874546_10156773609031703_5449089600448364544_o46091623_10156809841426703_2629500100983914496_o45992154_10156809841646703_1647781756641738752_o46081769_10156809841686703_1764556415566872576_o45813341_10156808224351703_6577211298168176640_o

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lets just call this instagram

Tired of thinking of the perfect thing to say when writing a caption for a photo or just life in general. Yep, that’s me 🙂 I just want to post photos and maybe sometimes write something super interesting that will keep you on the edge of your seat, that will leave you wondering, will this girl just please write a book so I can just read more! ><

angel food cake and strawberry and lemon curd toppings, I made for mother in laws birthday 🙂 FEPO9240.JPG

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roadtrips and birthdays

It was my birthday a week or so ago and it happened to fall on a day that we had chosen to drive up to visit my husbands parents. They live about a 9 hour drive away with no stops, so my lovely husband planned some surprise stops for me to celebrate my day along the way. Our first and my favorite stop was at the Natural Bridge, a national monument that I had never heard of until now. Let me just say if you are ever in that part of Virginia and get a chance to visit, DO IT!!! It was awe inspiring, beautiful, made me cry kind of beautiful, and just soooo breathtaking! The photos do not do it justice for how high or big it is, and it’s not man made which is just crazy to think of this being formed( apparently the statue of liberty can fit underneath it with room). There is so much history here, George Washington gave this land to Thomas Jefferson and high up on one of the walls you can see where George Washington carved his initials. After you pass under the bridge there is a beautiful winding path that travels along the river takes you by an American Indian village and ends at a beautiful waterfall.

The next surprise stop was a huge antique store, an overwhelming huge antique store! We didn’t see half of it, but it was so fun to ruffle thru old books and wander around together with my family. My husband had also arranged for us to tour a cavern but we didn’t end up making it there before it closed and we stopped at a hotel for the night before continuing on to see the in-laws in the morning. When we arrived at his parents he had those huge tacky fun gold balloons set up with my age and YAY! haha He didn’t understand why on earth I like the balloons but he still surprised me with them, gosh I love him! We had a fun weekend and then drove home Monday, stopping half way at the Natural Bridge again because we needed a leg stretch and we just had to see it again! A ridiculous amount of roses may have shown up for me as well once we were back home, it was a perfectly wonderful birthday weekend!

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Nana & Grandpa

Is there anything like a grandparent.. I have such fond memories of mine, all the sweet snuggles, the extra treats ( that mom and dad would never give me), never getting in trouble, and just being loved so purely. My father was never much of a kid person but the moment that his first grandson was born that all changed! My parents are so smitten with Kai and their whole world stops when he’s around, it’s pretty amazing to watch! Kai and my father are best buds and I think my dad would spend the whole day crawling around, making him laugh, and just being completely ridiculous to make Kai happy!

I have to say it is sooo good for me to see my parents this way, something about watching how they are with him tells me how they must have been with me when I was little ( which of course I don’t remember) and since teenager years were kinda rough with them, it’s nice to see another perspective. My husbands parents are also smitten with Kai but unfortunately we live quite a bit farther from them so we do not get to see them as often. However I do have some lovely photos of our last visit to them and we should see them again soonish, so I’ll have to do another blog post about them when we do :).

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