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We bought our house a year ago and we have been slowly been painting, and adding our personal style to our home. This house is a 1942 home, complete with glass door knobs and only 1 bathroom. We love it but definitely have many projects we still want to complete!

Before Photo


I had baby boys nursery all ready before he was born (who wants to deal with decorating when you bring a newborn home, not this mom 😉 ), but I still have some final touches. I am in love with how it has turned out! Such a sweet room for a nursery without being too babyish, which was a must for me! I am still working on adding some photos to the wall, but that shall wait as he grows a bit, although I could probably fill it with the ridiculous amount of photos I have taken so far in his first 3 months lol!



Hey to "all" you readers out there! My name is Shannon, I just passed my 2 year anniversary with my hubby and have a new baby and a dog! My life used to be pretty exciting but now it is a little slower and simpler but I love it oh so much! Things to know about me: Hmm.. I love love love my baby, he is the best baby and I can't quite get over that he is mine! I love my husband, he is such a wonderful guy and takes such good care of all of us! My dog loves loves me lol, he lives to follow me everywhere! I really like to cook and I used to be into photography, and am trying to get myself back into it! Anyways that's a little bit about me, lets see if I can keep this blog afloat, ha!

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