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                What we see, what we feel, what we imagine. How you see the world. Do you find faeries peeking out at you from under dewdrop leaves in the wee hours of morning, as you rub the sleep from your eyes, quietly strolling with babe snuggled close and your pup taking in the delight of a perfect morning. I enjoy believing that there just might be a bit of magic in the world, and that somehow I might catch a glimpse of it. I have always loved to read and one of my favorite books is Anne of green gables (the whole series is wonderful) and I love how she sees the world with her imagination and her humor, I like to think that I could be a bit like that.


                I’ve always loved the quote “He who hath Imagination is blessed or cursed with a fearful magic whereby he may scale the heights of Heaven or plumb the deeps of Hell.” – Jeffery Farnol.  I know that we have to see the truth in the world, the beautiful wonderful ones and the horrible dark ones, but I also know that it is good to have an imagination, to be able to see things that could be. My husband and I both have a love of reading and we are teaching or little boy to love books, although sometimes that means reading the same book over and over again, much to our amusement.


                If it gets really quiet in our home and I’m not sure where my boy is, I will often find him tucked away somewhere quietly flipping thru a book or three. Being his mother has brought new wonders, fears, insecurities, and loves into my life. My heart beats fuller every time I see my sweet boys face and I am filled with wonder as I watch him grow and take in life with such curiosity. I also look at myself and wish my stomach was a little smaller, my hair less crazy, and maybe those dark circles from lack of sleep could go away. But then I really think about it and imagine I am 16 years old again and size 6 jeans and realize that I would give up my idea of “perfect” every time for what I have right now.


                How I see life, how I feel life, how I imagine life. How I see the world. My perception is unique to myself, not one other person will see everything exactly as I do. I look in a mirror and see my flaws, my husband’s peers over my shoulder and sees his beautiful wife, my child peeks around my legs and sees is perfect mama. I am thankful for my mind, my imagination, and I am so thankful for the people who surround, me who fill my life with love and constantly show me new ways of viewing myself and the world.

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Hey to "all" you readers out there! My name is Shannon, I just passed my 2 year anniversary with my hubby and have a new baby and a dog! My life used to be pretty exciting but now it is a little slower and simpler but I love it oh so much! Things to know about me: Hmm.. I love love love my baby, he is the best baby and I can't quite get over that he is mine! I love my husband, he is such a wonderful guy and takes such good care of all of us! My dog loves loves me lol, he lives to follow me everywhere! I really like to cook and I used to be into photography, and am trying to get myself back into it! Anyways that's a little bit about me, lets see if I can keep this blog afloat, ha!

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