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Right before Christmas this now past year of 2017 (wow!) I decided to try baking my first ever pie. I knew I wanted to do blueberry and to have a lattice crust and I was 100% nervous about making it since I’ve always heard pies are difficult! I found a recipe for pie crust and blueberry pie over at Sally’s Baking Addiction and I got to work! I made my dough 2 days before my baking day as I was also making gingerbread men, wheat bread, and banana bread, and well I need to time everything in time for Christmas!

So confession time, I don’t actually like pie hahaha but I adore making desserts soo my husband and family were all my taste testers. My husband said it was one of his very favorite blueberry pies he ever had oh and it was beautiful looking too( my parents loved it too)! I will definitely be makin more pie in the future!



Hey to "all" you readers out there! My name is Shannon, I just passed my 2 year anniversary with my hubby and have a new baby and a dog! My life used to be pretty exciting but now it is a little slower and simpler but I love it oh so much! Things to know about me: Hmm.. I love love love my baby, he is the best baby and I can't quite get over that he is mine! I love my husband, he is such a wonderful guy and takes such good care of all of us! My dog loves loves me lol, he lives to follow me everywhere! I really like to cook and I used to be into photography, and am trying to get myself back into it! Anyways that's a little bit about me, lets see if I can keep this blog afloat, ha!

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