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Snow days all the days

Summer days are great, who doesn’t like pool time, popsicles, and tan skin! But… I might possibly trade all of that for snow days every day! I adore cold weather and love all the coats, scarfs, fluffy beanies, and that oh so magical snow! My husband would adamantly disagree with me, he would have warm sunny days every day and thinks I’m quite crazy for loving the cold. One of the reasons I love the cold weather is that I am such a hot natured person which has only gotten worse since having a baby that if it’s even just warm out I feel like I’m always sweaty ( I know tmi, yuck and true), so if it’s nice and cold out I can actually enjoy being really active, running around like a loon and wearing lots of gorgeous layers because I’m not burning up for once!

Anyway..  We had a couple marvelous snow days so far this winter and I soaked it in for the short time they lasted! The second snow day we had we got 6 inches of perfect snow and I took baby boy for his first time sledding, it was like getting a huge shot of sheer happiness! I ended up bruised and sore the next day and ready to go out and get some more sledding in! Here are some photos to capture these wonderful memories!

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Hey to "all" you readers out there! My name is Shannon, I just passed my 2 year anniversary with my hubby and have a new baby and a dog! My life used to be pretty exciting but now it is a little slower and simpler but I love it oh so much! Things to know about me: Hmm.. I love love love my baby, he is the best baby and I can't quite get over that he is mine! I love my husband, he is such a wonderful guy and takes such good care of all of us! My dog loves loves me lol, he lives to follow me everywhere! I really like to cook and I used to be into photography, and am trying to get myself back into it! Anyways that's a little bit about me, lets see if I can keep this blog afloat, ha!

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