Last week we headed to Atlanta for their first Weinachtmarkt (German Christmas market). According to the website it appeared that it would be much larger than it actually was and a little more authentic. I thought it was an ok attempt for a first time market run by volunteers, but having been to the real thing it was hard to find it very exciting. We did enjoy some authentic bratwursts and enjoyed seeing that they had brought over the little wooded houses to sell their items. We purchased a couple handmade wooden toys for Kai that were very reasonably priced, and think they would make great Christmas presents for any kid! There was also one German lady there selling chocolate that for a moment made me forget I was in America and imagine I was at the real thing! All in all we had a really fun day, we enjoyed the little bits of the market and some retail shopping in downtown Atlanta 🙂 ciao bellas!

p.s. check the last photo 🙂 I asked a stranger to take it and apparently they were trying to capture the whole tree lol !!15391274_10154791092201703_1868807035110730480_o15609015_10154815370546703_519816313_o15631292_10154815363406703_1660851778_o15592507_10154815374686703_469376603_n


is it Christmas yet ????

I love Christmas! I love everything about it and this year it feels extra exciting to be celebrating it with my son! 🙂 He will have just turned 6 months right before Christmas and I know he won’t remember this or care about presents( probably just play with the wrapping paper) but I am excited none the less. We have put up a short stubby tree and it has a few gifts from family sprinkled below, we are trying to keep it simple and small this year and just enjoy this special time! Why we were decorating this past weekend I toted Kai around the house with a string of Christmas lights to take photos of him in his santa hat, here are some of my favorites!        Happy Tuesday, ciao ciao! untitled-shoot-0530untitled-shoot-0557untitled-shoot-0494untitled-shoot-0513


So normally each year  I make a huge batch of iced sugar cookies, but this year I’m not sure if I’m going to get around to making any! They are sooo time consuming and although they are delicious I might focus my efforts on slightly easier to whip out cookies, seeing as I have an almost 6 months baby. 🙂 So far I have made chocolate chip walnut, ginger, and cinnamon coffee cookies! They all turned out soo yummy and I might need to make some more before Christmas gets here! Check below the photos for the recipes, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!untitled-shoot-0460untitled-shoot-0323-3untitled-shoot-0324

Linked here -> Chocolate chip walnut cookies the only thing I do different is I make them smaller, about the size of a golfball and add walnuts, and seasalt sprinkled on top before I bake( I also normally bake only 12 minutes to get that nice undercooked cookie)

The second two recipes I got out of this awesome magazine! There are so many more great recipes it is well worth purchasing your own copy! 15497670_10154793925016703_1975215297_n

Ginger cookies, I made the mini ones 🙂

Cinnamon coffee cookies- seriously amazing! Think coffee flavored snicker-doodle 🙂15554816_10154793924836703_1208174269_n

Happy Monday, ciao bellas!


Our house a lot of little quirks, it is an older home, 1942 to be exact. Every door has a glass door knob, the floors are beautiful wood and creaky, and the cupboards are originals. One of my favorite part of the cupboards that is not original is the previous owner filled the inside of the doors with stickers. Now, my husband was not as keen on keeping the stickers and wanted to scrape them all off, I on the other hand love them and think they give the cupboards more character! We did repaint all parts of the cabinets except the stickered part just to freshen them up, and I love the result! Check out the first photo with the funkytown exit sticker, my maiden name was funk, when I saw that I knew this was our house! Ciao bellas!



Most days I allot myself a little time to sit down and blog, read a book, or maybe edit photos. During this time I like to prepare myself a coffee (generally iced) and a couple small cookies. I love making my own stuff but I have opted for buying a premade ice coffee, since my time while baby is napping can be short, so I just want to pour and drink! 🙂  Pictured below is my favorite premade iced coffee and I like the unsweetened kind and add my own sugar and cream to taste.

My favorite cookies at the moment are little ginger snaps I bought at Ikea, and I am almost out!! (excuse to go to ikea? 😉 ) I also love the Milano milk chocolate cookies, and I like to bake cookies, but I don’t do that all the time because I will eat them allll day long if I make fresh cookies!

..Speaking of fresh cookies I actually do need to make some dough this week because Saturday I am getting together with my friend and fellow blogger  Katie to have a little cookie baking “party”. We are both going to pre-make a couple different cookie doughs we want to try and than get together and bake them and ice them if needed! I’m hoping to make enough so that I can bag some up as little presents to give to neighbors and friends! Wishing you all a happy Wednesday, ciao bellas!


It was rainy and dreary today and I was supposed to walk with a friend but due to weather she invited me over for hot coffee and muffins instead. My friend lives right down the street so I bundled up in a cozy sweater got Kai ready and packed him into his sling, grabbed an umbrella, and headed out the door! As soon as I got outside and I saw how beautiful our Japanese maple looked with its red leaves, some on the tree some on the ground, I knew I needed to snap a couple of photos with it!

Once I got there she told me to get some coffee from the pot… But did I listen, nope I picked up the French press and poured the little bit of coffee from it into my cup, added some sugar and cream, and took a big swallow….. Ice cold coffee hit my mouth, haha! Turns out I grabbed the day old stuff instead of the fresh pot of coffee, oops( day old cold coffee does not taste good)! I quickly got some fresh coffee and a hot muffin and everything was better. We had a lovely visit chatting out about life, babies, and babies 😉 ! Life is good, I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday, ciao bellas!