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We stretched and yawned our way into the week a few days ago and since I’ve been taking my camera everywhere with me lately I captured all the sweetness! This boy makes the best expressions and warms my heart with his happy personality everyday! He has one whole tooth in and a second one on the way, he has also learned how to get upset if you take a toy away, which of course is really rather cute but it’s never to young to learn that you don’t always get your way. In other news, the weather forecast says that it’s supposed to snow tomorrow!! I am so excited even though it might only be an inch, you take what you get when it comes to snow in Georgia haha! Wishing everyone a happy snowy weekend!untitled-shoot-0683-2untitled-shoot-0682-2untitled-shoot-0730untitled-shoot-0708-2

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these are the days

Time is moving much to quickly for my liking and every week I think Kai gets bigger! I drag my camera everywhere with us these days trying to capture each little moment (it’s impossible) while at the same time just enjoying the here and now of where we are. This week it has been all about baby boy trying to crawl, he keeps tucking his legs under him and pushing up with his arms into a plank like position but hasn’t figured out how to hold it and move forward! I hope that everyone had a wonderful new years and I’m looking forward to this new year with our sweet little lad!untitled-shoot-0376-2


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first Christmas

Christmas was wonderful this year, we kept it simple with stocking gifts for each other and just a couple sweet little wooden cars for Kai. We spent a little time at our own home and enjoyed watching baby boy enjoy some wrapping paper and then we headed to nana and pops for Christmas breakfast and a lot more presents! My parents love love Christmas and my dad gets so excited about everything and he loves santa! So we surprised them by having Kai dressed up as a little santa complete with fuzzy red slippers and a santa hat! untitled-shoot-0556I took entirely too many photos because ya know being a new mamma and all we are a little obsessed with our babies 🙂 . My mom had made this paula dean French toast for breakfast with a side of bacon, which was amazing, and we sipped coffee and listened to Christmas music while we watched Kai try to figure out how to unwrap a present. untitled-shoot-0673After breakfast we took turns opening gifts and enjoying family time together. We spent awhile being lazy and watching the baby play, and then decided that we should all take a hike to work off that breakfast and make room for lunch 🙂 .

My mom and dad both got new bikes so my mom wanted to take hers for a spin while we hiked( my dad crashed awhile back and can’t ride at the moment), so we packed up the baby and headed off to a trail! It was soooo crazy hot out for Christmas day, a whopping 74degrees out, add the sun, hiking, and some humidity; and you get some very sweaty people (which felt so wrong on Christmas day). 15731143_10154842362031703_467388272_nAll in all we had a wonderful day and I’m already excited to experience Christmas with Kai next year! I hope that everyone else had a wonderful maybe slightly cooler Christmas too, ciao bellas!

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give me all the baby clothes

Since I’ve had a child I find that every time I shop I only seem to end up with items for Kai. It is soo much easier to pick things for him then myself, since I don’t have to try anything on him, plus baby clothes are much more affordable then clothes for myself. 🙂 Anyways my favorite little onsie right now is from Jean&June , it is the softest onsie and I love the simplicity of it! It is a soft white color with black lettering in French that says “more milk”, I also ordered myself a shirt that says “milk café” in French, because I couldn’t resist getting something a little matchy! I want all of the baby tees from this site, they are all so cute, and they are designed by a mamma of two littles, and I love supporting people who create their own businesses! One last little note ( big note) Kai turned 6 months old this week and he has a tooth coming in, woohoo! Check out the sweet photos below, that I took of him to remember 6 months, please slow down baby boy!untitled-shoot-0377untitled-shoot-0396untitled-shoot-0393

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Last week we headed to Atlanta for their first Weinachtmarkt (German Christmas market). According to the website it appeared that it would be much larger than it actually was and a little more authentic. I thought it was an ok attempt for a first time market run by volunteers, but having been to the real thing it was hard to find it very exciting. We did enjoy some authentic bratwursts and enjoyed seeing that they had brought over the little wooded houses to sell their items. We purchased a couple handmade wooden toys for Kai that were very reasonably priced, and think they would make great Christmas presents for any kid! There was also one German lady there selling chocolate that for a moment made me forget I was in America and imagine I was at the real thing! All in all we had a really fun day, we enjoyed the little bits of the market and some retail shopping in downtown Atlanta 🙂 ciao bellas!

p.s. check the last photo 🙂 I asked a stranger to take it and apparently they were trying to capture the whole tree lol !!15391274_10154791092201703_1868807035110730480_o15609015_10154815370546703_519816313_o15631292_10154815363406703_1660851778_o15592507_10154815374686703_469376603_n

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is it Christmas yet ????

I love Christmas! I love everything about it and this year it feels extra exciting to be celebrating it with my son! 🙂 He will have just turned 6 months right before Christmas and I know he won’t remember this or care about presents( probably just play with the wrapping paper) but I am excited none the less. We have put up a short stubby tree and it has a few gifts from family sprinkled below, we are trying to keep it simple and small this year and just enjoy this special time! Why we were decorating this past weekend I toted Kai around the house with a string of Christmas lights to take photos of him in his santa hat, here are some of my favorites!        Happy Tuesday, ciao ciao! untitled-shoot-0530untitled-shoot-0557untitled-shoot-0494untitled-shoot-0513